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About Us


Josef Huainigg

Growing up on the countryside of Austria later studying luxury brand management in Montreux, Switzerland and London has shaped my taste and passion for minimalist architecture and design. Furniture must be comforting, elegant and high in fashion while being low maintenance. The use of solid elements paired with simplicity allows us to achieve this goal.

Crafting and ultimately choosing furniture is an artful task. A well accomplished task when considering the given environment as the first source of reference. Living in the Austrian Alps during every winter season I often reflect this.

Building commercial and private Chalets has been a busy responsibility of my parents in earlier years. They always perfected the interior of these homes with furniture reflecting the rocky environment of the Alps. When doing so homes become soft, welcoming and often a sustainable environment to live in. Working for a luxury group in Ibiza, Spain has allowed me to discover the culture of traditional Ibicenco farmhouses shaping my taste towards purity, simplicity for decorative elements which reflect functional handmade furnishings. I have carefully minded all values throughout the process when crafted the Amour brand. Amour translates to being secret and a love affair. Allow me to make it your secret love affair. 



Andrea Huainigg

Since I can remember, my entire life has been dedicated to chasing beauty. Design, Art, Photography, Fashion, Furniture, Antiques, Finishes, Experiences, Journeys, and Relationships. My obsession with discovering and creating beauty has consumed my life since childhood.

While living in Austria and Italy, I pursued a Business Master’s degree and worked in the development business of high-end residential homes with an international clientele. Inspired by the beauty of architecture and design during these years, ultimately led me to my next venture, in which I earned a degree in Interior Design. I launched my own design firm, creating beautiful homes in Europe and South Florida. The new brand Le Serene allows me to chase even more beauty in so many ways – from designing our own furniture line, selecting home accessories to design sophisticated interior spaces with a European twist. My creative work is strongly defined by my heritage and the desire to create exceptional homes.

My family has always been the center of my life. My husband and I have 3 sons and just celebrated our 20th anniversary. As a family, we spend our time between Palm Beach, Austria, London, and Geneva. We regularly travel the world, as there is always new beauty to discover and new inspirations to be found.

My obsession with chasing beauty will always be part of my life and I feel this is truly a blessing.

Join me in this creative process.



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